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Drawn Company Studios presents - Kar-en: The Motion Picture. A feature length PFP collection of 1980’s cinematic proportions. Get ready for a clunky transition to the big screen as we confuse you with unrelated promos, unfamiliar concepts, introduce new characters you won’t care about, visit locations you have never heard of and create jarring inconsistencies with the core brand. More information coming soon... Whilst you wait, check out our promo cel art drops and blends on Nefty Blocks.


Since August 2023, Drawn Company has SOLD OUT four PFP Action Figure Collections - Warrior Princess (969 mints), Bubblegum Serial Killer (969 mints), Armoured Creatures from the Garbage (696 mints) and Starfire (369 mints)! Why are you not a holder yet? come and join the chaos in the Office at the Start of the Metaverse....

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Welcome to Drawn Company

The Home of Funny, Rude and Crude NFTs on the WAX Blockchain


Drawn Company is mostly an unsuccessful organisation, primarily due to all the employees being very little poorly drawn isometric people. Our Marketing Department are a shambles and we clearly have no in house HR capability. We make mundane NFT collectables for anyone who has worked in (or is familiar with) any work environment. May cause some offence. Proudly founded in January 2022 whilst self isolating to combat boredom. 

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