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Hot on the heals of the Kar-en: Warrior Princess Sell Out PFP Drop - the girl herself returns with a bigger (and more sinister) Generative Action Figure collection packed full of 140+ new traits including; savage weapons, cool backgrounds, bubblegum, masks and stickers. Come with us on another trip back to the 1980's and the golden age of (possibly poorly made) fully articulated plastic toys. 

In development for 12 months, Karen Burger is finally ready to serve its tasty fast food to the world! But like any fledgling Start Up, we have to start somewhere, so let’s begin the story of our burger empire in London UK.  

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Welcome to Drawn Company

The Home of Funny, Rude and Crude NFTs on the WAX Blockchain


Drawn Company is mostly an unsuccessful organisation, primarily due to all the employees being very little poorly drawn isometric people. Our Marketing Department are a shambles and we clearly have no in house HR capability. We make mundane NFT collectables for anyone who has worked in (or is familiar with) any work environment. May cause some offence. Proudly founded in January 2022 whilst self isolating to combat boredom. 

Wave 1 Action Figures

Our Collections

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