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A WAX Exclusive Premium 3D NFT Series which enables you to blend your way to the vIRL mini. 消し Keshi Karen is one of our most popular collections with 40+ Holders coverting 400+ NFTs

消し Keshi Karen Drop B 

She is back! Karen returns to the Metaverse with her trusty photocopier and new WAXNFTs including never before seen 消し Prototypes 

The inclusion of Prototypes means we have upped the NFTs from 3 to 5 in our standard packs. 消し Prototype Tokens will be super, super, super rare (0.5% chance to pull), if you are lucky enough to find one, you will be able to use it at the end of June to craft a 1/1 prototype. Learn more about the Drop B Launch in our FAQ

消し Keshi Karen Blend Journey

The blend journey has been designed to enable all our holders to easily craft up to the super awesome 消し Starlight Grail/Ultimate so everyone gets the chance to hold a piece of Drawn Company history in their wallet. 


The diagram has been created to show you each recipe. Dont worry if you missed out on Drop A, there are plenty of Keshi NFTs availbe on the WAX Secondary Market, both individually and in Drop A Boxes which have never been opened. 


Our 消し Keshi Karen vIRL is a high quality 5cm miniature


The Hyper Uber (vIRL) is limited to 10 blends. Free recorded P&P is included. Normal ‘ebay rules’ apply to postage e.g. we cannot ship to some territories (from UK). If in doubt, contact us on Twitter @funnnftguy 

The Story of One Girl and Her Photocopier


We have seen a distinct evolution in Karen since she appeared in the now infamous ‘whitelisted’ panel (check secondary) during series 1. It turned out people loved her (and her unconventional use of the copy machine). 


We sourced a 3D artist to create a prototype of the Keshi (small collectable figure) NFT and the rest is history. This was @popup_nft, who has subsequently undertaken all of the 3D design work for the keshi project. Im sure you will agree, his work is awesome!


Once we had a viable prototype, we set about unlocking the power of the wax blockchain through blends and the rest is history.  

From the beginning, we received lots of feedback that she would make a good vIRL. We listened and have included her at the end of the Keshi Karen blend journey - she cannot be bought separately. It has long been a dream on ours to create a toy line, we always knew I would do it, just didn’t now how or when. 


We hope you enjoy our Keshi NFTs and come along for the ride! The blend journey has been designed so everyone has an opportunity to craft one of the ‘Super Karens’ fairly easily. 

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