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Presenting the Drawn Company
Management Designate Programme 

Welcome to the best rewards and perks on the WAX Blockchain! The Mgmt. Designate Programme is the successor of our OG Exordium Reward Card and comes with literally tons of benefits including the Mgmt. designate WAXNFT, free stuff, Whitelist to free drops, free packs at launch* and a share of our 'AAA' Drop revenue.

Its simple, just collect our WAXNFTs and start getting rewarded today! Once you meet the qualification criteria, join our Discord and get the role (please let us know when you arrive so we can verify your account). There is nothing more to it...

Drawn Company is led by its community, it is 'ours'. We shared a total of 2,200 WAX with our Management Team** from the Series IV Drop. Don't miss out on the next profit share by getting your Mgmt. Designate Card today. 

The Small Print: 30 WAXNFTs from any of the following categories: karen.burger, karen.pfp, the.dilidcons, series.iv, s4.gen2, dc.x.cinema - ALL OTHER CATEGORIES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE. To qualify, NFTs must be purchased from either an official DC Drop or on the Atomic Hub secondary market. Accounts receiving mass transfers will not be eligible for the role/Mgmt. Designate WAXNFT. Any accounts purely buying items from the floor will not be eligible (e.g. 10 of the same NFT). The WAX space is fluid and we reserve the right to amend the programme at any time.


*Free packs from AAA releases only - excludes PFPs and Pocket Money Promise Drops.

**All eligible accounts were invited to the claim the WAX backed WAXNFT - Not all accounts claimed. 

Please note: The DC Coins Programme was discontinued in December 2022 and all perks and rewards are no longer valid. At the time, all holders and the opportunity to upgrade to the Exordium Programme and transfer the Perks and Rewards. 

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