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Series IV - The Revolution Will Be Minted

It's time to go back to the office (again) with no less than 30 WAXNFTs (+ blendables). This is 100% our biggest and boldest collection yet straight from @FunnyNFTGuys twisted imagination and input from our growing management team/employees worldwide. And not forgetting the acquisition of new IP and our Dildicons PFP side project...

The hiatus since our last AAA drop has enabled us to step back and assess the collection as a whole, with this in mind we are limiting the number of Commons to 60 mints (where necessary - other rarities reduce accordingly) in an effort to create more scarcity without impacting the ability of all our core collectors to obtain the majority of the WAXNFTs in this collection. 

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Buy Your Packs on Nefty Blocks Drop Page

15 New Classic Panels 

We made a name for ourselves on the WAX Blockchain back in early 2022 for our funny, rude and crude NFTs which fused comedy with simple isometric artwork. Series IV continues that tradition. All Classic Panels contain the original artwork as a back image (winking at the DC purist's out there). 

There are a total of 10 x new Common and 5 x Rare Classic Panels to collect in Series IV

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Introducing Collectable Chads! 

They said it couldn't be done - but we said 'no', the people of wax need to have the opportunity to collect slabbed and graded waste paper from our hole punches in a variety of rarities. If you live outside the good old USA, 'Paper Chads' are 100% a thing

There is 1 x Epic, 1 x Legendary, 1 x Ultimate and 1 x Super Ultimate Slabbed Chad NTFs to collect in Series IV! P.s. Look out a Common Promo Chad at NFTopia...

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And Offensive Postcards

Why not send that loved one an endearing note from the office at the the start of the Metaverse? We have to be honest, some of these are pretty 'niche', but we know that if you are reading this - you probably don't care! 

There are 3 x Epic, 1 x Ultimate and 1 x Super Ultimate Postcard NTFs to collect in Series IV! Look out for promo Postcards dropping before launch!

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130 Dildicons PFP Mint Passes In Packs

Want the chance to become a Dildicons Master and blend either a Hyper Uber, Ultra Mystical or Devine Gashapon PFP? We are about to make your dreams come true as every pack slot contains a chance to bag one of 130 Dildicons PFP Mint Passes! 

There are 50 x Hyper Uber, 40 x Ultra Mystical and 40 x Devine Mint Pass NTFs hidden in Series IV Packs! Each pass has the chance to mint either a 'Robot Mode' or 'Pleasure Mode" Dildicon PFP

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Original Cell Art


If like Matt, you ever wondered what it would be like to own original 'hand drawn' cell art but could never afford it, now is your chance to make this dream a reality. Added into Series IV for the shear love of cell animation and also a novel way to pad the whole thing out. Jokes.

There are 3  x Legendary, 2 x Ultimate and 2 x Super Ultimate Cell Art NTFs in Series IV Packs! These are far to cool to give away so you will just have to find them in packs #SorryNotSorry

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DC Industries Stakable Passes

We listened to the community and have now created a WAXDAO Staking Factory. Series IV Gashapons have the chance to pack a pass to blend a random 'Worker' NFT with a variety of hourly payouts (dependant on rarity). All Worker NFTs are valid during Season 2 (28th April - June 26th 2023). Find Out More.

Don't forget, a minimum 10% of Drop Revenue will be added to the DC Industries WAX Factory on WAXDAO with a pool of 500 WAX already there (Prior to the start of Season 2).

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The Madness begins on 28th April @ 7pm UTC (Exordium/Mgmt. Des. pack claim 27th April). As ever, we have teamed up with NFTopia to make this a show stopping exclusive drop! Take a look below to see what you can expect when you crack open those packs. We don't want to reveal everything beforehand as we think some stuff just needs to kept 'Beyond Top Secret'...


The majority of NFTs in this schema will be NSFW (obvs!)

More Information Coming Soon

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