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From the BSK Universe, Armoured Creatures from the Garbage dive head first onto the WAX Blockchain on NFTHive. Oozing 1980's retro chic, this collection of pint sized action figures is our third PFP and accompanied by an exclusive/limited mint 3D (miniature) action figure collection - only available via ACFTG Blend Tokens


The Armoured Creatures from the Garbage 669 mint PFP consists of 160+ traits and will crash onto the WAX Blockchain as an NFTopia exclusive on Friday 3rd November 2023. We promise chaos and fun as amongst other things there is always a chance to mint triples and doubles of the same figure! The combinations are literally endless. 

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We continue our tradition of offering the best perks and rewards on the WAX Blockchain via exclusive free/paid drops between now and January 2024. We are also running several 'just for fun' competitions such as Highest Ranked WAXNFTs during launch week! More information can be found in our Discord. *Whilst stocks last.

Last but not least all holders can apply for the ACFTG OG Discord Role by completing the simple form in our server. In summary,  we always deliver the best perks and rewards on the WAX Blockchain - come and find out just how we party... Please note, all competition snapshots will be taken on 11/11/2023.

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Drawn Company has distributed 60K+ WAXP to holders since August 2023. We pride ourselves on our successful WAXDAO facilities and clear communication with all employees. ACFTG will has a dedicated Non-Custodial facility set up already so you can stake as soon as you claim the drop! Holders will also enjoy frequent royalty uploads - a share of 20% of all collection royalties (reviewed 31/12/2023).

ACFTG Series 1 animated action figures come in three rarities; Super Ultimate (GITD Purple) 5 mints, Ultimate (GITD) 10 mints, Legendary (Standard) 30 Mints. These awesome WAXNFTs are only available via ACFTG Blend Tokens - these can be found on secondary and by claiming them FREE if you participate in the PFP Drop (whilst stocks last). See full T&Cs on the NFTHive Drop Page. DC Employees also have access to them between 25th October - 30th November.

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We are proud to announce ACFTG PFP holders will be able to claim the 2nd UPGRADORS figure free, a new ACFTG 3D animated miniature range where you blend accessories and base characters to upgrade to a new WAXNFT with improved weapons and equipment! The first in the series will be Mother Clucker which drops Thanksgiving weekend 2023! 

Come with us on a trip back to the 1980's (again) as we continue to to be the fastest growing indie collection on the WAX Blockchain. Our recipe is simple; have fun, actively communicate and reward holders with the best perks on the Blockchain...

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