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Armoured Creatures from the Garbage (ACFTG) Series 1

Armoured Creatures from the Garbage (ACFTG) is a collection of pint sized action figures which oozes 1980's retro geek chic and is available to collect as a new product line of 10 premium physical collectibles starting at £9.99 (+P&P). Made with love by collectors for collectors!

Armoured Creatures from the Garbage (ACFTG) Wave 1 (#1 - #5) are out now. Wave 2 (#6 - #10) will be available in Autumn 2024. All figures come in Standard and Store Exclusive Variants. "Garbage Can" versions will dropped at random throughout the year so stayed tuned!

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ACFTG Series 1 physicals are currently in a phased "Wave" release with an aim to get every single figure released by Christmas 2024. They can be found on eBay and on the high street from the awesome Leicester Vintage Toyshop!


ACFTG started life on the WAX Blockchain and shot to popularity due to the collections fun, retro and highly collectible nature! Originally a PFP (profile picture), which consisted of a triple pack of randomly generated Armoured Creatures - the collection soon expanded into super cool 3D animated assets. The rest, as they say is history...

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Drawn Company has an extremely lively online community which you can join on Discord to keep up to date with recent releases, news and meet like minded collectors worldwide! 

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