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Hot on the heals of the Kar-en: Warrior Princess Sell Out PFP Drop - the girl herself returns with a bigger (and more sinister) Generative Action Figure collection packed full of 140+ new traits including; savage weapons, cool backgrounds, bubblegum, masks and stickers. Come with us on another trip back to the 1980's and the golden age of (possibly poorly made) fully articulated plastic toys.


Please Note: The original mint for #KarenBSK was intended to be 1969, following a consultation with the community we decided to reduce the mint to 969. At Drawn Company we always aim high and are not ashamed to correct a mistake. And it's not like the NFTs contain the 1969 number anywhere (face palm emoji).

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Come and join the DC Management Team for another #Blendstival and a weekend of complete chaos! Warrior Princess OG's and Serial Killers have access to a FREE Pack and exclusive blend with the chance to craft either a Legendary or Ultimate Keshi WAXNFT. Standard packs will be available for just 5 WAXP each with 20% of sales going directly to our OG and BSK Staking Pools!


Warrior Princess PFPs offered two body traits, this time we have spiced things up by removing the fake blue body and adding prototype and metal variants. As with the first drop, there is the chance to mint a completely naked figure! In a nutshell, Karen-en PFPs are 1/1 Plastic Chic designed by a collector for collectors. We care about the details others would miss. #KarenBSK


We build on the success of our WAXDAO non-custodial staking farm and have split drop revenue as follows; 30% back to Kar-en BSK holders, 20% to Kar-en OG holders and 20% to the Drawn Company Mgmt. Team (become part of the team here).  The remaining funds will be used for future brand development. Welcome to the home of Karen PFPs on WAXDAO. Staking for OG PFP and BSK holders begins at 19hrs UTC on 18/09/2023 and will run until the pool WAX has been exhausted. Once you have one our PFPs in your wallet stake it as soon as you can!


We don't over use the word community and simply look after our holders and pride ourselves on offering and delivering the best rewards on the WAX Blockchain! #Kar-enBSK holders will enjoy access to free drops (holders of 5+ BSK NFTs), a cut of 50% of schema royalties (shared with OG holders - whole collection until 31/12/23) and a unique Discord role. Not forgetting you also have complete (100%) ownership of the NFT...

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Ever had the nightmare of buying an Action Figure with a nasty SALE! sticker stuck (possibly at an angle) in a silly place on the card or bubble? We have and we want you to have that pain over and over again, There is a 14% chance to be lumbered with one. Don't try and peel it off, you will just make it worse.  


A Drawn Company spin off, Kar-en: Warrior Princess is a collection of 969 Generative Action Figures PFPs which offer holders complete ownership and the chance to passively earn WAXP. Come with us on a trip back to the 1980's and the golden age of (possibly poorly made) fully articulated plastic toys. 

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Read our latest blog about all the things we got wrong the first time round (we are perfectionists) and how we are making #KarenBSK even batter through learning and community input. The article also provides you with an insight into upcoming perks and rewards.


Karen has created a VIP Lounge in the Discord which only holders of five or more Warrior Princess WAXNFTs will have access to, when you land just let us know and we can verify your account and grant access! Those with the Warrior Princess PFP OG* role will have access to exclusive monthly free drops and competitions. 

*The Warrior Princess OG role can only be awarded IF you purchased from the drop or secondary market prior to 25/08/2023. If you purchased after, you will be given the Warrior Princess (Standard Role) and won't be eligible for OG  exclusive rewards and perks. 

All Kar-en PFPs Read: The holder of this unique generative WAXNFT enjoys full ownership of the artwork contained within. They have the rights to modify, distribute and reproduce this asset both physically and digitally. The only limit is your own creativity. 

[This was published prior to our first drop and is included in the interest of transparency] We don't want to commit to a formal Roadmap at the minute as things change so quickly in the space BUT we make the following promises (as a minimum commitment):

1. If we sell out, we will launch Kar-en II PFPs before the end of September 2023 (possibly sooner - we work very fast) 

2. 1 x Free Drop for holders of five or more OG PFPs during August and September 2023

3. OG Holders will continue to earn passive WAXP with royalties from any proceeding Kar-en PFP collection created

4. Engage the community to make key decisions via WAXDOA voting 

The Non-Custodial Staking Farm [now live] will be live shortly after launch* to ensure everyone can start to earn ASAP. *There is a slight delay on the WAXDAO contract

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