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Bored of PFPs? Want something a bit different in your life? The Drawn Company Studios Team does, and in the true tradition of 1980’s Motion Picture toys, everyone in the marketing department has been too busy thinking about the $$$ and not enough time considering demand! As such, we are having to send Kar-en: The Motion Picture Action Figures straight to the bargain bin. We sold a total of 6,969 Action Figures in the drop - currently only available on Secondary Market


A new chapter in the Kar-en: The Motion Picture saga is here! Kar-en's wicked sister; Kyra crashes onto the WAX Blockchain as the next claimable KTMP Sticker Offer. Due to an ongoing legal dispute with KUSO Ent. JP - they have produced a 40th Anniversary Kyra: Evil Sorceress Figure exclusively for the Japanese market! In true Drawn Company style a massive issue with translation has ended up with the company creating an "Import CD" instead of an "Awesome PFP" (what we thought we had requested) . 

We will start sending PFPs as soon as the NFT Hive Drop goes live on Friday 21st June 2024. Kyra will be Stakeable along with the Starfighter and KSOP PFPs at the start of July. To take part in the drop between now and 19/07/2024 you will need to find 10 x with the "Kyra Mail Away" Sticker Trait. Full instruction on how to claim can be found here. Don't have any? Grab them on NFT Hive Secondary Market. 


The quest is on to find redeemable stickers to create new cool stuff (you never knew you wanted!) like: the Royal Starfighter, Kyra: Evil Sorceress and the Last 69 (July) PFPs! Oh and not forgetting the Golden Ticket! Click here to find out more.


A quadrillion combinations - 24 Attributes and 190+ Traits! Including God, Insanity and Delirium Tiers (New for Spring 2024). Look out for the Glow in the Dark Variants! We have always wanted to do a 10K but the market conditions have never been right (they still aren’t - but who cares?). So in true DC fashion we changed game and threw out the rule book. This drop is 100% about having fun and follows our original ethos of; Collect - Trade - Blend. Join us to find out what all the fuss is about! 

final gif 25.04.24 sml.gif

One thing we have learnt is that our employees love a good ole’ bonfire! As new assets are claimed/created, a significant numbers of PFPs will be burnt thus constantly changing the ranking of your Kar-en Action Figures! Our aim is to shrink the population to circa 1,000  PFPs so expect a lot more offers as we move through summer 2024. Most notably, we plan for these to be exchangeable for our next Retro DC Action Figure/Arcade Drop during Summer 2024. 


Travel back to Drawnaria as we set out to on an epic adventure! Expect all the chaos of a DC AAA launch including a world first; with the Roadmap being printed on the PFP! The Stickers are the roadmap, so no need for any further utility (pukes in mouth) etc. It’s all on the PFP. If you are new, please be assured we always keep our promises and over deliver for our community (pukes in mouth), just ask any of our collectors. 


Staking Begins in July: Staking will be available for Royal Starfighter, Sword of Power II, Kyra: Evil Sorceress and (later in the year) The Last 69 and the Karen Doll PFP. A minimum of 60% of drop revenue will be reserved for staking. The split will be 30% Royal Starfighter, Kyra: Evil Sorceress, Sword of Power II and The Last 69 10% Karen PFP Doll (September) + 10% karentmp - 10% Legacy Farms (karen.pfp, acftg, karen.bsk). All reserved drop revenue will be staked and any interest will be put into the pool - please join our Discord to stay up to date with developments. Mgmt. Queue Jumpers will be distributed as normal. The craftable Karen 10K PFPs (those highlighted above) will also collect a % of our royalties.

Kar-en Stickers: The quest is on to find redeemable stickers to create new cool stuff (you never knew you wanted!) like: the Royal Starfighter, Sword of Power II and Kyra: Dark Sorceress PFPs! Oh and not forgetting the Golden Ticket! 

100% Ownership: As always, you mint a WAXNFT which reads: The holder of this unique generative WAXNFT enjoys full ownership of the artwork contained within. They have the rights to modify, distribute and reproduce this asset both physically and digitally. The only limit is your own creativity. 


We don't over use the word community and simply look after our holders and pride ourselves on offering and delivering the best perks and rewards on the WAX Blockchain! Join the DC Discord today to find out what all the fuss is about today...

Since August 2023, Drawn Company has SOLD OUT three mainline Kar-en PFP Action Figure Collections (and the Motion Picture trad. PFP) - Warrior Princess (969 mints), Bubblegum Serial Killer (969 mints) and Starfire (369 mints)! This also led us to creating the Armoured Creatures from the Garbage (now available IRL) and the Sword of Power spin off series. Why are we so successful? It’s simple; we have tremendous fun, don’t take it too seriously and offer the best perks and rewards on the WAX Blockchain.

Since the introduction Kar-en Warrior Princess, the DC Action Figure range has grown into one of the most successful multi drop PFP series on WAX. We have grown steadily and for the most part, have consistently maintained higher floor prices than at the point of sale. This has been achieved by adding value not just through staking, but also via offering exclusive WAXNFTs and innovative events such as the Sword of Power. 

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