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Drawn Company Studios presents - Kar-en: The Motion Picture. A feature length PFP collection of 1980’s cinematic proportions. Get ready for a clunky transition to the big screen as we confuse you with unrelated promos, unfamiliar concepts, introduce new characters you won’t care about, visit locations you have never heard of and create jarring inconsistencies with the core brand. The mayhem begins 1st March at 20hrs UTC!

Finally, A Drawn Company PFP you can actually use as a PFP! Your 1/1 WAXNFT is made up of 200+ traits, 16 attributes and a complex logic system which will make your cinematic Warrior Princess truly unique. However, be careful not to catch the Space Plague, a virulent disease which affects around 2/10 Drawnarians.

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Kar-en: The Motion Picture PFPs will be stakable in a dedicated WAXDAO farm with staking starting 8th March 2024. Holders will receive a share of 30% of drop revenue, 20% will go to legacy holders (10% karen.pfp, 5% karen.bsk, 5% acftg.s1pfp). Holders of Kar-en: The Motion Picture PFPs will also receive a share of 50% of DC royalties throughout 2024. Whitelist details will be announced closer to launch!

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The story of Kar-en: the Motion Picture and world of Drawnaria will be expanded through our Studio Series Cel Art collection with holders having exclusive access to drops, packs and blends not available to the general public. Minimum 1 x drops in March and April 2024. Our Studio Series will also feature ultra rare movie trading cards.


We don't over use the word community and simply look after our holders and pride ourselves on offering and delivering the best perks and rewards on the WAX Blockchain! Join the DC Discord today to find out what all the fuss is about today...

Since August 2023, Drawn Company has sold out three mainline Kar-en PFP Action Figure Collections - Warrior Princess (969 mints), Bubblegum Serial Killer (969 mints) and Starfire (369 mints)! This also led us to creating the Armoured Creatures from the Garbage and Sword of Power spin off series. Why are we so successful? It’s simple; we have tremendous fun, don’t take it too seriously and offer the best perks and rewards on the WAX Blockchain.

Since the introduction Kar-en Warrior Princess, the DC Action Figure range has grown into one of the most successful multi drop PFP series on WAX. We have grown steadily and for the most part, have consistently maintained higher floor prices than at the point of sale. This has been achieved by adding value not just through staking, but also via offering exclusive WAXNFTs and innovative events such as the Sword of Power. 

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