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Every Warrior Princess needs a trusty blade at her side... It is time to embark on one of the most pointless magic quests ever to grace the WAX Blockchain - to craft one of 169 unique Sword of Power WAXNFT PFPs.


Collect SOP Blueprints (5 in total) as the quest takes you to the Mountains of Nefty, lets you experiment with the magic of the Grand PFP Wizard and concludes at the fabled Hive Forge where you can craft your one of a kind blade (could be evil or broken #SorryNotSorry). You can then return to the Mountains of Nefty to exchange your quest items for some WAXP... Or keep them! Whilst on the journey, adventurers should be on the look out for treasure during Side-Quests. But please - watch out for Kyra the Evil Sorceress! 


The quest begins at 20:00hrs UTC on 26th January 2024 and will run until 4th February. You will have to complete all the steps in order (it's a journey after all) and you can Start Here. If all Swords of Power WAXNFTs have not been crafted, the remainder will be minted with Drawn Company employees having the final say on what we do with them. Consumable Blueprints can only be used once so please don't purchase them from the secondary market! Max. one per Wallet.


The Sword of Power can't be bought with WAXP during the quest period and requires some epic/savage sacrifices. Tough decisions will have to be made - if you are taking part, please pay close attention to the rank/mint # of the WAXNFTs you choose to burn. #NoRefunds


Holders Perks and Rewards: Alongside some awesome quest specific perks, holders of the Sword of Power will be able to stake it in the karen.pfp farm on WAXDAO with at a higher rate when staking rewards are distributed after our next PFP drop in March 2024. Become a PFP Master for additional perks and rewards.  

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