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The Dildicons

Through a massive lack of due diligence and failure to read the small print in contracts, Drawn Company have acquired the worldwide distribution rights to Dilidcons; a 1980's cartoon produced by KUSO Entertainment (JP) which was aired in both the Philippines and Wales (UK) for two weeks before being banned. The world was not ready for transforming dildo robots... Until now!


Wave I Dildicon 1/1 PFPs (1/130) can be found in Series IV Packs and the Atomic Hub Secondary Market. Wave II (153/222) are available to Series IV Hero Pass Holders and also via this Nefty Blocks Drop (Max 10 Packs)
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The initial 130 Dildicons will be available exclusively via a mint pass found in our Series IV packs. If you are lucky enough to find one, each pass has a 50% chance to pull a 'transformed' Robot PFP or a 50% chance to be awarded a 'Pleasure Mode' version, which is essentially a dildo (what went on in the 1980's, stays in the 1980s)! With this in mind the Drawn Company Board of Directors have decided to label some of the NFTs in this schema 'NSFW' (just to be on the safe side). 

This Weeks Featured Dildicons

Each week we will focus on a new batch of the 130 Wave 1 Dildicon PFPs! Our army of Dildicons are all named and come in three levels of rarity; Hyper Uber, Ultra Mystical and Devine - all our which are 1/1 WAXNFTs. Check out these cheeky little fellas: 

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Because we love to Collect, Trade and Blend, the Drawn Company team have created 18 new WAXNFT Stickers which we are releasing as a promo #PocketMoneyPromise drop. Will you become a Dildicon master and blend Ultra Quadstream and Ultra Strikeforce?  

Utility: Holders of the Super Ultimate WAXNFT stickers from the Dildicons Promo Sticker Drop will be airdropped either one of 12 Dildicon Promo PFPs (71/76) or a limited edition sticker on 01/05/2023. 


200 Promo Sticker Packs will be available from 7pm UTC/8pm BST on 31/03/2023 for just 2 WAXP each - find the drop here!
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