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The Executive Reward Card

We proudly present Karen’s Exordium Executive Reward Card exclusively for all our hard working employees OR purchased by those going ‘blue’ and buying their way in (Yay capitalism!). Holding this WAXNFT is the only way to get the Exordium Discord Role + Tier 1 DC Perks throughout 2023. The template will be locked on 31/12/2022 @ 21hrs UTC.


A Tier 2 Reward Card will be available in early 2022 - Applicants who hold 50+ of our NFTs will be eligible to claim - Exordium holders will not need to apply. NFT count excludes Networking Coin and Keshi Prototype Token.


Exordium (noun) FORMAL - the beginning or introductory part

Q1 2023 Exordium Holders Perks

DCXC Logo.png

2 x DC X Cinema Packs 

Total value $2

2 x Series 4 Standard Packs 

(Total value $4)

AIMP Logo.png

Exclusive Exordium Arcade in My Pocket Drop

+ More (We Are Very Productive)

How to Claim Exordium

Existing Senior/Middle Manager & Influencer Coin Holders - Click Here 

Those Going 'Blue' and Buying In to the Team @ $8  - Click Here

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