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消し Keshi Karen Drop B FAQ

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

消し Keshi Karen returns to the metaverse with her trusty photocopier and new WAXNFTs including new never before seen Prototype 消しKeshi Karen Tokens which will randomly appear in packs along with official Drop B NFTs. These can then be traded later in the month for a 1/1. Here are a selection of commonly asked questions.

1. What NFTs are in Drop B Packs?

  • 消し Jet Black (Common)

  • 消し Matte Grey (Common)

  • 消し Pastel Cream (Common)

  • 消し Jet Black Boxed (Rare)

  • 消し Matte Grey Boxed (Rare)

  • 消し Pastel Cream Boxed (Rare)

  • 消し Tartan (Epic)

  • 消し Tartan Boxed (Legendary)

  • 消し Prototype Token (Super Ultimate)

2. What are the Drop B Blends?

  • 消し Tartan (Epic)

  • 消し Tartan (Legendary)

3. How much are Drop B Packs?

  • Drop B Standard Box = 5 x 消しKeshi Karen Random NFTs $2.99

  • Drop B Premium Box = 10 x 消しKeshi Karen Random NFTs $4.99*

  • A Promo Pack 3 x 消しKeshi Karen Random NFTs – Free to Influencers & Senior/Middle Manager #DCCoin Holders + Competition Winners

*Please note we have reduce the number of NFTs in a Premium Box in half as the blockchain would only allow Karen to include 10 in pack. This makes no difference as we have simply halved the price from $9.99 to $4.99.

4. Can I Still Buy Drop A Packs and NFTs/Blend Drop A Epics and Legendaries?

消しKeshi Karen Drop A packs and NFTs are now exclusively available on the Wax Secondary Market. You can find the Drop A Packs here and Drop A Individual NFTs here. Drop A Emerald Epic and Legendaries are still available to blend on Nefty Blocks.

5. What are the 'Final Blends'?

The 消しKeshi Karen blend journey will conclude on Saturday 4th June when you will have the opportunity to blend Grail, Ultimate, Super Ultimate and Hyper Uber (vIRL)

Combine Drop A and Drop B 消し NFTs to create these awesome and super rare collectables:

  • 消し Starlight (Grail) - Easy

  • 消し Starlight Boxed (Ultimate) - Challenging

  • 消し Golden (Super Ultimate) - Very Hard

  • 消し Golden (Hyper Uber/vIRL) - Like Dark Souls

6. How Do I Get the 消し Keshi Karen vIRL?

The 消しKeshi Karen vIRL - own a piece of Drawn Company history! This is your only chance to get one as they will not be released separately.

V1 of the Hyper Uber vIRL will be limited to just 10 Mints – if we exceed this number a new template variant will be created. Whilst this will not include the vIRL, there will additional benefits such as holders bonuses and an exclusive Discord Role. Without being too boring, there are now theoretical limits on the amounts of Hyper Uber NFTs, due to levels of participation in Drop A and the availability of Common/Rare’s on the WAX Secondary Market.

Important: The secondary template will be created but will not contain the vIRL token.

Updated 06/06/2022

7. What is the Process for vIRL Redemption?

When you have created your Hyper Uber 消しKeshi Karen, please message us ASAP (@FunnyNFTGuy) so we can log the Mint number and tie it to your account. Once you supply contact details and a postage address, we can get your 消しKeshi Karen posted to you. Please note; it may take up to four weeks for production should demand be high. There are no limits on how many Hyper Uber 消しKeshi Karen’s can be created per account.

The first wave of vIRL will be dispatched at the end of June/Mid July 2022.

Important: Secondary sales/purchases of the Hyper Uber 消しKeshi Karen NFT do not include vIRL.

8. What are 消し Keshi Karen Prototypes and What is the 消し Prototype Token?

Karen decided to spice things up a little with her Prototype Tokens and NFTs. The process is simple, if you are lucky to pack a 消し Prototype Token, you will be able to exchange it for a 1/1 NFT at the end of June. The approximate odds of getting the token is 0.5% so they will be super rare. There are six 'core' prototype templates and will make variations dependant on the number of tokens unpacked and all holders of the 消し Prototype Token will be able to choose one NFT per blended token. There are no account limits on blends/redemptions.

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