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Drawn Company - How it all Began

Due to a little-known disease I had to go into isolation on New Years Eve. I had recently started trading collectibles on Atomic Hub, and having got the bug – and with time on my hands – I decided to see if I could provide some light entertainment to the masses in the form of (black) comedy NFTs. I thought I could achieve this by using unused Isometric assets I had created for my day job during last year. I had already been using these (on company time) to get laughs out of my colleagues/mates.

The Original Drawn Company Panel

I started to play around with some funny captions and found it expanded before my eyes into my first NFT collection. It was not difficult and I found out very quickly that whilst I was not funny enough to be a comedian or talented enough to be a designer, when you combine both together - you come out with something a little bit special.

A selection of Series 2 Panels

#DrawnCompany: “A highly unsuccessful company, where all the employees are very little, poorly drawn isometric people, making almost desirable collectibles for anyone who has worked in (or is familiar with) the work environment.”

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