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The World According to DCXCinema Data

Data is Power!

Right then employees! It's time to do some serious data analysis, as we are now growing, I wanted to give you an insight into how I analyse data to provide Drawn Company with real insights which actually inform the direction of the collection. If you watch the video to the end you will also be treated too 'Conga Master' HumbleDrawing's (possibly) world record breaking Metaverse Conga during our NFTopia Takeover on Saturday 21st January 2023. What a treat. And Novice Creators pay attention - you might learn something...

Knowing Your Markets

The above global sales data provides us with confirmation that the vast majority of our sales are happening in Europe (I have separated the UK due to the insane situation we have put ourselves in! Just to make the point) and North America - a total of over 90%. Drawn Company currently has little or no penetration in all other global markets aside from the blip we see in Asia/Oceania as we are lucky enough to have a few collectors in Malaysia, the Philippines Australia and Indonesia. This makes sense as our success is centred around making funny, rude and crude NFTs - most importantly, with a humorous aspect which possibly does not translate to other parts of the world. having Said that - we do know the Great British sense of humour is one of our strongest exports, so more work needs to be done to increase sales in these markets.

Onboarding New Employees

The holy grail of any marketeer is bringing in new customers who will like what you do so much, they will want to buy into your brand. This data confirms what I had already presumed - doing a cornerstone drop at Dygycon/NFTopia, whilst congested and noisy, is a great way to onboard new collectors and reach a new audience. And what a result we had too... 43% of those who participated in the public drop were new to the brand. You will have noticed I have started promoting our Management Designate Programme shortly after. This was created solely due to this success and the want/need to reward all our holders new and old. In other news (and very impressively) the community has completed a massive 137 blends - a figure beyond my wildest dreams when I was designing the collection. However, I worked out the numbers on a spreadsheet so we would always have even amounts of each NFT in the population - this coupled with the accessibility has made the blends a real success.

More Useful Statistics (Does this Never End)

$300 of sales put us to the lofty heights of 40th on the WAX Market Cap - there are 1,000s of collections on WAX, but this a real achievement for a small project as for 48 hours, we were kicking it with Funko, Hot Wheels and the major games on the Blockchain. Give yourselves a pat on the back. We also see that there are still quite a few packs out there on the market. At the time of writing, we had a total of 49 collectors holding the schema with 27 holding 10+ DCXCinema NFTs, again a real result and a testament to quality of what we produced (even if I do say so myself).

Survey Results & the NFTopia Takeover

I absolutely love a survey! In fact surveys and data analysis are one of the favourite parts of my IRL job. Whilst we have whitelisted people at our Takeover events previously (to beat the bots), we used this one to actually gain some insights (which might be useful) whilst we giveaway some free NFTs! 58% of those who completed the survey were already holders and were complimentary about the brand (there were other options to tick) and 28% did not own our NFTs. It was clear people liked our Action Figure ranges with a total of 69% saying these were their favourite. The most shocking data finding came from the increase in Naked Chris' popularity - beating Karen by a clear 11% lead - maybe she needs to work a bit harder? Or maybe we just need more Naked Chris?

Get Ready For More DCXCinema Blends

We will continue the momentum of the drop by adding some more blends - all using existing assets on February 17th along with some new #PocketMoneyPromise Badges as a bit of fun. If you liked the article and video please tweet about it and share it on socials.

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