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Come with us on a journey to another dimension... Drawn Company Studios presents Mysterious Tales - The Movie 

The Terror Sprites are running riot and using retro audiovisual equipment to clone members of the Drawn Company team, can they be stopped? More importantly, who cares?

Dropping on Nefty Blocks @ 8pm on 17/02/2023 - Exclusive to the WAX Blockchain

Mysterious Tales WAXNFTs

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Blend Requirements (Per Pack)

mt blend requirements.png

Mysterious Tales is an expansion to the popular DC X Cinema collection. Blend Pre-minted packs using Common, Rare and Epic WAXNFTs. 40 Packs available in total containing Legendary, Ultimate and Super Ultimate NFTs.


10 Packs will be in a public drop for 50 WAXP each!


*Exordium and Mgmt. Des. Holders can also claim 24. Haunted TV for FREE from 6pm on 17/02/2023.

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