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Blending Food Vans: The humble Food Van, a great low risk way to start earning a bit of wax at the weekend, serve burgers and build your reputation! Maybe you will be lucky enough to appear in a meme or get endorsed by an influencer? 


  • 1 x Standard Burger, 1 x Standard Fries, 1 x Standard Drink = Standard Burger Van 

  • 1 x Influence’d Burger, 1 x Influence’d Fries, 1 x Influence’d Drink = Influence’d Burger Van 

  • 1 x Meme’d Burger, 1 x Meme’d Fries, 1 x Meme’d Drink = Meme’d Burger Van 

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Using Food Vans to Blend Restaurants: You have now increased in popularity and outgrown your fleet of Karen Burger Food Vans, so it is time to expand. Upgrading to tables, chairs and a team managed business is as easy as destroying three Food Van WAXNFTs (though they served you well) of the same grade to craft a swanky new bricks and mortar location. 


  • 3 x Standard Burger Van = Standard Restaurant 

  • 3 x Influence’d Burger Van = Influence’d Restaurant

  • 3 x Meme’d Burger Van = Meme’d Restaurant

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