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1. Is Karen Burger a game? 

No this not a game – we are however pushing the gamification of WAXNFTs to the limit with the inclusion of innovative mechanics and community involvement. During early development, we reached out to Atomic Hub (Pink GG) to ensure Karen Burger would not be classed as a ‘game’ within the current Whitelisting KYC system. We have sought further clarity and our current level of KYC is adequate for implementing the gamification elements of Karen Burger. 


2. Is this not just another ‘Cookie Cutter’ WAX ‘game’? 

We are not a ‘game’ (See FAQ 1). The technology enables collections to produce NFTs, blends, create farms and add additional utility to assets - whilst comprehensive, there are only so many tools to play with. However, we think Karen Burger: Start Up Edition provides the following innovations not in common use amongst similar collections:


2.1. Balancing simple and complex mechanics 

Whilst some might find it hard to understand, things established collectors take for granted such as Blending and Staking are still not commonplace for some - they simply don’t understand the mechanics. With Karen Burger, we are building on two successful seasons of the DC Industries Staking Farm where we have been adding in Staking Utility to our collection in a ‘soft way’ - always with the goal of Karen Burger in-mind (See FAQ 4). As stated elsewhere, we have a million and one ideas for a future edition but it was extremely important to try and find a balance between not putting new collectors off with over complex mechanics and trying to make it fun enough to capture an established collectors imagination. We would direct established collectors reading this to learn about the additional utility that can be achieved if you are serious about building your Karen Burger empire. Find it here


2.2. Transparency About Prototyping 

The acknowledgement that this is a prototype and might not work in the long term. We do however commit to all promises we make over hourly/daily takes during the Start Up Edition staking period. 


2.3. Short/Pre-defined Staking Period with Guaranteed Takes & Achievable Roadmap

When designing the collection, we put a great deal of consideration into the time frames of the ‘Start Up Phase’ of the project to ensure collectors could earn WAX quickly! More importantly, we really want to make this a success so we can implement the additional ideas we have.  


2.4. The Trademark DC Sense of Humour and Approach 

Like it or not, at the very least, we will make you crack a smile. To the point where I can be 100% sure, some of you smiling right now. Our tagline (Funny, Rude & Crude WAXNFTs) is a promise. Does any other collection give their collectors the opportunity to get a 1/1 name badge? 


Please note: We have deliberately not added community to the above list as this is something we have, do anyway and don’t feel the need to always shout about. 


3. Will the hourly takes/daily totals change during the Start Up Edition?


No – Karen has invested a significant amount of time and effort to calculate the potential population and mitigated any predicted shortfalls by providing an initial 2,500 WAXP liquidity pool from previous collection sales. Drawn Company no longer has a Christmas Party (don’t tell the employees).

4. What is stopping this being another ‘Rug pull’? 

Drawn Company is predominately a ‘vanilla’ digital collectable, but we have been successfully running a Staking Facility on WAXDAO since March 2022. We understand the mechanics, have learnt a lot and want to unlock its full potential to make our newest collection more fun. We are not making any explicit promises regarding a Second Edition, we would however like it to happen. As a brand we try a lot of different things. But as with all projects – this might flop and if it does, we won’t try and flog a dead horse. We hope you come along for the Start Up ride and help make it a success. 


5. How is Karen Burger Start UP Edition being funded?

To help our Start Ups, the percentage of WAXP going to our pool is extremely high from each pack sold. Start Up Edition Pack Revenue distribution is as follows; 70% - Staking Pool, 25% - Future Brand Development and 5% - Exordium - find out more here. The Karen Burger team have access to an initial 2,500 WAXP liquidity pool.


6. What are the Karen Burger Pack odds? 

Standard Packs (50 WAXP) contain 5 x consumable WAXNFTs. The approx. odds per slot are; Standard 52%, Influence’d 30%, Meme’d 10%, 5% Standard Food Van, Meme’d Food Van 2% and Influence’d Food Van 1%. 70% of drop revenue will go directly to the Staking Pool from each pack sold. Start Up Edition Packs are available as an NFTopia Exclusive Drop. 


Promo Drops will be available for a limited time via an NFTopia Takeover, on our booth and for Drawn Company Mgmt. Designates and Exordium (OGs). Full details coming soon. Promo packs will have less slots and different odds.


7. What will happen to any remaining WAX in the Karen Burger liquidity pool at the end of the Staking Period? 

Any remaining WAX in WAXDAO will automatically roll over and form a starting pool for the Second Edition. If we do not decide to move forward, all Restaurant owners will have a vote on what the WAX will be used for. 


8. What are the Next Steps for Karen Burger?

Should we continue to a Second Edition, all owners of restaurants crafted during the Start Up Phase will have the opportunity to vote on the next territory we expand into. Will it be the Europe, USA, ASIA or somewhere else? However, we won’t get carried away, and ensure our growth as a Start Up is sustainable. If the Start Up Edition is not a success, Karen Burger will be confined to the annals of history! Karen will actively listen to her franchisee’s, and she looks forward to hearing their ideas and incorporating the best ones into the next edition of Karen Burger. 


Additional proposed mechanics (all TBC) for the Second Edition include: 


  • Kids Meals (including toys)

  • Breakfast Menu

  • 24 Hour Drive Drive Through Restaurants 

  • Southern Fried and Peri Peri Chicken 

  • Time sensitive Festival/Sporting Events 

  • Gas Stations 

  • Airport Locations 

  • Blendable 1/1 Ultra Rare Variants

  • Collab Food Vans and Restaurants 

  • Comprehensive Game Maps 


At the minute, Karen is not making any explicit promises regarding a Second Edition as we don’t want to let people down, we will however ensure all OG’s get the full VIP treatment and extended use of their existing Start Up Edition assets should we progress. This means any Food Vans/Restaurants crafted will continue to earn you passive income during a Second Edition Staking Period. 

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