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Two words - Hot Dogs! Karen Burger is excited to announce the arrival of our most requested menu item to Spook Fest. But that's not all! Some Franchisees might be lucky enough to be selected by HQ to trail kids meal toys or even find their establishment over run by pesky poltergeist, either will 100% increase profits as you go viral on socials... Check out the Nefty Blocks drop.


Use Glow in the Dark Hot Dogs of the same grade to blend a Food Van or Restaurant. These can then be upgraded with Influence'd Keshi Toys or Spooky Ghost WAXNFTs to increase takings! It's as simple as saying "do you want to supersize that"?


This expansion will include two packs, a Standard pack for 50 WAXP (3 x WAXNFT) and a Meme'd Booster for 100 WAXP (1 x Meme'd/Purple Influenced consumable minimum). This time, base establishments will only take 2 x consumables to craft so we have reduced the number of consumables in a pack accordingly. 

Spook Fest continues the Start Up Editions focus on fun, keeping the blends simple and most importantly making it fairly easy for everyone create the rarer assets. Spook Fest Influence'd cards work slightly differently and are used to upgrade (Power'd Up) your locations! 


staking pool.png

The dedicated Pop Up facility on WAXDAO will be filled with 70% of drop revenue before staking begins and will run until it is completely depleted. Start Up Food Vans and Restaurants will collect their 20% share of drop revenue in the OG Karen Burger Farm. everyone wins! As with the Start Up Edition, we may increase daily rates should we take on more franchisees than anticipated. 


Drawn Company has distributed more than 44k WAX via our staking facilities since July 2023. We actively communicate with our Management Team (Community). Join the Discord to see what we are all about and ask any questions you may have before diving in 'balls deep' and getting a Spook Fest Franchise.

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Check out Nefty Blocks for approx packs odds. Hourly staking levels will be confirmed (or) increased on 23rd. Please note, there is currently 2K WAXP in the Karen Burger OG Pool - this is reserved for the Second Edition (Early 2024) and will be replaced (or topped up) once Spook Fest Staking has concluded. Everyone who stakes in the Spook Fest Staking pool will be airdropped a GITD name badge on 31st! 

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