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Redeem Your vIRLs Here

Only Drawn Company could give you a complete blast from the past with 'Retro Cut Out and Keep vIRL Toys'. This collection of NFTs enables you to own awesome coins which come with arcade machines that you not only own as a digital asset but are also buildable at home. 


If you have any questions reach out to us at @FunnyNFTGuy on Twitter. Scissors, Ruler and Glue Required. If you are under 18, get an adult to help you with construction!

Constructoidz Have Arrived on WAX 

Drop Information

Drop A is now live on Nefty Blocks. This drop enables our employees to purchase the 'Constructoidz Coin'. This mint is limited to 69 Mints. Find the Drop Page here

Drop A Content

Constructoidz Coin

Receive the Constructoidz Coin immediately on purchase.

Keshi Karen (Blue)

Airdropped to holders of the Constructoidz Coin when the snapshot is taken on the 29/07/22 @ 10am BST. 


Constructoidz Authentication Sticker 

Dinosaur Land

Airdropped to holders of the Constructoidz Coin when the snapshot is taken on the 29/07/22 @ 10am BST.

vIRL Front

The double sided Constructoidz vIRLs 

vIRL Back

Holders receive 1 x authenticated numbered sheet and 1 x sheet with cut out corner (for building) 

Safe Postage

We know good postage disciplines and all vIRLs will be posted in sturdy 'Do Not Bend' Envolopes

Drop A Redemption Information


The snapshot for holders of the Constructoidz Coin will be taken on the 29/07/2022 @ 10am BST. Wallets holding the Constructoidz Coin NFT on this time and date will be eligible to receive the additional NFTs and vIRL. 


You are invited to provide your details so we can post the vIRL out to you at any time - we will verify you as a bonfide holder on the redemption date and get your Constructoidz posted to you ASAP.

The price of 69 WAXP includes International Economy Delivery - if you wish to pay extra for a tracked service please message us on Twitter. We will not be liable for lost post. 

The redemption period is from 29/07/2022 @ 10am BST to 26/08/2022. You will not be able to redeem your vIRL after this date - so be quick! 

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