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Becoming an Employee

Drawn Company Coins: A new way to collect, trade and blend. Some of our coins (and tokens) can be bought with WAX, but the most precious will have to be earned. All coins come with specific perks!


We currently have openings for Senior Managers, Middle Managers, Interns and Influencers. Check the requirements and perks for each coin on this page. If you think you qualify, don't miss out on your NFT - THIS PROGRAMME HAS BEEN BEEN DISCONTINUED AND IS NO LONGER VALID

Senior Manager Qualification Criteria 


  • The hardest workers in the office 

  • Provide ideas and give honest feedback 

  • Support the team on social media 

  • Have a true passion for the brand 

  • Participate in all/most of our drops 

  • Actively trade our NFTs

  • Hold 50 DC NFTs (on average) 

Middle Manager Qualification Criteria 

  • Always ready to replace the staples

  • Follow us on social media 

  • Participate in some of our drops 

  • Have traded some of our NFTs

  • Hold 11 DC NFTs (on average) 

Intern​ Qualification Criteria 

  • Have shown an interest in the brand

  • Follow us on social media (Twitter & Discord)

  • Obtain the Intern-OG Role 

Other Coins

Influencer Coin

This Coin is reserved for those who are not only engaged with our brand but also have a significant social media following and creates content. Holders of this coin will receive all the benefits afforded to Senior Managers and receive Press Packs, free merchandise and vIRLs. If you think you may qualify, contact us on Twitter.​

Yellow Blend Token

This token was part of the WAXATTAX Easter Eggstravaganza and enabled holders to blend a bespoke Easter Keshi Karen. The blend has now completed and the templates will be locked. 

Emerald Coin

The Emerald Coin was gifted to all holders of both a Drop A Epic and Legendary at the end of April 2022. The Coin grants holders access to special Keshi Karen NFT (limited mints) and a bonus Drop A box in June.

Terms and Conditions

You are welcome to trade or sell your DC Coin NFT but the benefits will automatically transfer to new owner (with the exception of the Influencer Coin). Should you choose to do this, you will keep the Discord Role in name only.

It is sometimes impossible to link a WAX .wam address to social accounts and thus we cannot award the Coin or Role. Please ensure we are able to connect your .wam with a Twitter or Discord account so we can transfer you the coin.


We try to be as fair as we can when designating DC Coins and Roles. We are willing to review and upgrade accounts as they meet the criteria above. If you think we have got it wrong, DM us! 

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