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Drawn Company in the Metaverse Media

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

We decided to keep a living record of all of our outings in the press and on streams which we have been a part of to preserve our journey for future generations. You can also experience first hand the evolution of the brand (and the delivery)! It was pretty ropey at the start (but it got better).

Meet the artist DrawnCompany - February 2022

Our first stop on the journey is to see the first ever article produced on the office at the start of the Metaverse. This was of course the great work of @Crackers832, who is pretty much responsible for lighting the touch paper that started the fire! See the article here.

NiftyBC's NFT Circus - 12th February 2022

Our first live stream was in Nifty BC's NFT Circus, not the best performance I have ever produced but entertaining non the less (even if I do say myself). Not bad considering I had been up for 22 hours when the stream started and was running on beer and jelly snakes. We love Nifty BC!

Drawn Company are letting Karen into IRL - April 2022

Back to another interview with @Crackers832, who was once again was willing to hear what the CEO had to say. It's interesting looking back to see just how much things evolved in a short period of time. By this time, the brand was clear and Karen was already a demi-god. See the article here.

NiftyBC's NFT Circus - 9th April 2022

These guys should really make it harder to get on a live stream as I managed to 'shnaffle' another go alongside some really good company. This time the delivery was much sharper and I was introduced to the marvellous @AbstractDragonJ who is now responsible for the DC theme tune: F$%K Work - what a top lad, what an anthem! It was also the first time I realised Nifty BC is actually a quasi Scout Leader to all us WAX Creators - a very encouarging individual (and he never really hands out any bollockings).

Critter Craft, Crypto Chibi and new WAX Collabs! WAX Discovery TV EP.#16

This was a real special treat as it was the first time someone had made content about Drawn Company without us having to send copious emails and wait until the recipients 'just give up' and just let us go on air! It was great to be featured on Youtube by these guys as they found Drawn Company organically off the back the DC Action Figures drop (which they liked).

NiftyBC's NFT Circus - 4th June 2022

Another trip to the Circus and some more chaos! We watch Matt once again make the same mistake he has made in his past three YouTube apperances and eject himself form the live stream whilst trying to end the screen share. These guys always make us feel welcome and we absolutely love to join them on their channel. The DC team have been overwhelmed by the response to our presentation from both the community and our fellow creators. The future has only just begun (and its all about to get pretty exciting).

More Coming Soon!

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